Terrors Realm

by Vein

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released June 4, 2015

recorded and mixed by Sean Fitzpatrick at the Brick Hithouse
mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege
additional vocals on Omicron by Kevin Harrington



all rights reserved


Vein Boston, Massachusetts


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Track Name: Ripple
my will bends flux with the breath I’ve given to terrors of the unconcious
now I’m coming to terms that it won’t go away
calculating what cannot be measured to find the sum of the unanswered
my will turns to debt like the rest of all these thoughts I suppress
Track Name: Mirror Face
I start to wonder while you’re out wandering,
what do you say when they ask how we have been?
are you sane? please tell me
speak the dirt away
I always see me in your face just before you look away
I know you see but you don’t speak,


avoidance: the new face I’ve come to know
it hurts more when I realize that I don’t care no more
I’m so fucking scared of becoming you
Track Name: Heretic
I’ve got a mouthful of spit for all the idiots, the pretty kids and their politics
your false intellect is rhetoric but go ahead, talk all your shit while you sit and
starve for the right to hate
yell with your mouth shut
feel like priority
I relish in the comedy
write and repeat their disease
it goes 123212321232 I see through you...
more shit from a thoughtless mind
spitting vision of another’s eyes
it sells and feels like a merchant christ
every thorn from another’s side
everyone moves their tongues to the detest
just enough to taste the top of the rungs
all “full of hate,” but I don’t hear shit
load your gun with all of my words
Track Name: Omicron
there’s blood in the bugs you stomp
underground they still walk
stay away
it seems my purity falls short to your pride
I guess you can’t understand when you’ve never lived outside
I object for the objected, self educated, walking weapons
we are all a mess of subjectivity
don’t ever put a price on me
I fantisize like child to prize
daydreamer’s disease till I die

fuck you all

take those liquored letters and burn them with your nerves
fuck yourself and tell me if it hurts
Track Name: Terrors Realm
am begins
my every promise ends
I’m not sure where I’m safe
it always follows me


apathy, turning every moment into revery
it gets to me faster than the light they say exists in me
maybe empathy is letting in all these secret frequencies
they speak to me, turning every love I have to enemy
do you see what I am seeing?

drown in the depths of self

welcome to terrors realm, where all is lost and never found